Reasons to Sell Real Estate at Auction

Real estate auctions add substantial value to our clients’ properties in several ways:

Auctions define a definite sale date.

They create a sense of urgency.

Auctions expedite negotiations with no limits on prices.

There is no risk to the seller, as he or she has the right of acceptance or rejection.

We are able to eliminate costly carrying costs associated with conventional sales and yet maximize return within a sixty to ninety day time line.

Our sales usually cost the seller less than the customary commission structure.

We hold several Open Houses and Auction Orientations to inform potential buyers.

Auctions offer contingent free contracts with non-refundable deposits.

On tracts that can be divided, the multi par auction method allows more qualified bidders into the bidding process. In this process, buyers can bid on individual tracts, different combinations of tracts, or the entire property.

Mark Switzer, a Texas Real Estate Broker, has 30 years of experience in real estate sales and auctions.